Consonant Pty Ltd currently operates from central Victoria, Australia. Our principals are Adam Dennis and Leanne Pleash.

Adam Dennis

With a solid background in client service through working in government, Adam Dennis moved firmly into the IT world in the early 1990s. After managing an IT infrastructure and services group for a short time, Adam moved into the quite different sphere of IT Consulting. He found that the ability to work through end-to-end solutions with clients was satisfying and rewarding for all parties. After completing some significant projects, Adam felt that he wanted to be able to stretch out by devising the solution with the client and then providing it rather than having to rely on other service providers. So in 1997 he founded Consonant with Leanne – and together they built a solid business providing a range of services to small and medium business as well as local and federal government.

For more than a decade, Consonant has focused ever more tightly on providing advice, design and development of solutions in the Internet and intranet environments. Adam has implemented systems using all combinations of ASP, Cold Fusion, PHP, Javascript and JSP, along with diverse database systems such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, mySQL, and even MS Access.

Leanne Pleash

Also coming from a background in government IT, Leanne Pleash worked for some years running a national “helpdesk for helpdesk staff”, co-ordinating information flows and connecting problems, people and solutions together in a very dynamic environment. When an opportunity arose to make the move into consulting, Leanne jumped at the chance. While working on some influential national projects and further enhancing her ability to make connections between people’s business requirements and the right solutions, Leanne was working alongside Adam. During this time they forged a common understanding of the principles and ethics of a real IT consulting business. After a stint with SMS Consulting, Leanne joined Consonant on a full-time basis. Whereas Adam leans towards the technical, Leanne brings an unwavering business perspective and the firm hand of a project manager.

The Business

Together, Leanne and Adam have connected the dots for a number of small business clients, ensuring that the solutions match their needs and fit their budget. Known for its strong business principles, Consonant’s name has spread purely by word of mouth; from the happy clients of today to the clients of tomorrow. We bring the same fair approach our government clients, which they seem to think is refreshing.

For the record, Consonant means ‘harmonious’, both in the sense that our solutions are harmonious with your business needs; and in the context of us building harmonious relationships with our clients. As far as names go, we think this one fits us like a glove.