Consonant offers a range of website solutions that vary in complexity and functionality. We have two products with e-commerce capability and two without, as well as a number of add-on services that can combine to deliver almost anything you could want. This is a long page – you might want to print it for reading with a cup of coffee.


  1. All sites are completely owner-editable. We use WordPress as a content management environment; it provides a mature and reliable basis for our websites and is well supported by the open source community.
  2. Our stated prices do not include domain name registration or domain hosting, however those are essential parts of the deployment process. We work with clients to find the most cost-effective solution for them given their circumstance and needs; the combined cost of these two elements usually comes in at around $100 per year. We use Planet Domain for domain registration, and tend to use Australia’s Crazy Domains as a hosting service, if they can deliver the required environment.
  3. Consonant’s paid service is complete when you have received instruction in managing your content, when the “look” of the site is complete, and your email is setup and working.

Our Packages

+ BASIC PACK: uses one of a wide range of existing templates; the site will have a unique look through the use of logo, naming, colours, fonts and pages. Integrated blogging is a free option with this pack, as is search and the creation of pages. The site will have metadata to aid searchability, a Contact page with interactive form that generates email to the site owner, plus there’s a wide range of add-on widgets that can be added to the site – many of them for free. Also included is two hours of training in how to add content including images, and/or general advice on translating a business concept into an online presence, including suggestions on underlying business practices and how to organise your information within the site.
$400 plus GST.

+ CUSTOM PACK: A custom-designed solution (rather than working from templates) that is easily portable to other hosting environments if that’s required in the future. Tools are also provided for linking the site to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If blogging is required, we will implement interfaces for people to subscribe to your blog entries, and for you to be able to see and communicate with your subscribers. As there will be greater discussion regarding the site’s desired look and feel, this pack includes four hours of training and general consultancy.
$600 plus GST.

+ E-COMMERCE BASIC: conceptually, this is the Basic Pack (a templated site layout) plus standard layout e-commerce capability. We’ve designed an environment that allows you to manage informational content, customers, orders and merchandise. You can upload product images, set prices and merchandise availability, set up promotions and discounts. The customer view of your website will be incorporate your branding, colours, and a template of your choice. The quoted price is for our design, setup, configuration, co-ordination and advice – but does not cover payment gateway or bank fees. Recognising that there will be substantial time required for clarifying how you offer your product listing, accept and process orders, take payments, manage shipping costs and order fulfilment, this package includes eight hours of training and general consultancy on how to translate a business into online sales.
$1800 plus GST, payable as two monthly instalments.

+ E-COMMERCE CUSTOM: conceptually, this is the Custom pack plus a custom-designed e-commerce capability. This means that your site can be designed to meet your unique requirements, and your merchandise may be organised and presented with any structure and layout you would like. We don’t load your product catalogue for you, but will create an online selling environment that can take you as far as you want to go. This package includes an additional eight hours of consultancy (above the e-commerce basic package), working with you or your marketing people regarding design advice and enhanced selling options, e.g. dynamically created downloadable PDF catalogue or stock level management.
Starting from $3500 plus GST, payable as three monthly instalments.


+ Google Analytics integration: Analytics is a free-for-use tool with incredible levels of information about who is visiting your site, how many visitors and where they’re coming from, entry and exit pages and much much more. We will create an account for you and set up the site so that it’s being monitored from day one. We will then provide basic instruction in using and interpreting Analytics information.
$100 plus GST

+ Basic Survey system: Some of our clients are focused on obtaining information from their customers. If you’re interested in an easily configurable survey system that provides response data you can manipulate in spreadsheet format, we can set that up for you for:
$100 plus GST

+ Advanced Surveys: If you’re looking for something more advanced in the survey department we can do that too. The cost will depend on your needs and whether you require an ongoing service.

+ Email Newsletter: If you’re looking to send professional-looking broadcast emails to your customer base, we can work with you to establish an account with a mailing house, set up a broadcast email template and integrate processes that will allow you to communicate effectively with your customers on a regular basis. Ongoing mailing house pricing varies with the number of subscribers and mails sent. Up to 500 subscribers, 3000 emails per month = FREE. Up to 2500 subscribers, unlimited emails per month = $US30.
Setup: $200 plus GST.

+ Google AdWords: Use the power of pay-per-click (PPC) to drive traffic to your site! We will help you set up AdWords, advise you on bids and keywords, and show you how to monitor and manage your account. NB: this service is best suited to e-commerce sites once they’re established. The stated price does not include the cost of the PPC outcomes.
Setup: $500 plus GST.

+ Custom functionality: We are adept at creating unique functionality such as booking systems, calendars, comprehensive and interactive form-driven systems that store information in a database … anything, really. Pricing depends on the size and duration of the project (larger and longer projects will reduce our hourly rate).
First ten hours of development: $60 per hour plus GST

+ Additional Consultancy: All our packages offer a reasonable amount of training and consultancy. Should you require additional consultancy time, perhaps to talk with management, run focus groups or train extra staff, you can purchase extra consultancy in packages of two, four, or eight hours. The quoted rate is for staff time; travel may be extra. Consonant can provide you with timesheets showing how your hours are being used.
$60 per hour plus GST.

+ Design Services: Consonant can arrange for logo and brand development, above those outlined in the above packages. Costs will depend on client needs, but may involve additional client consultancy to determine parameters, and contracting a designer.


+ Travel: Where possible Consonant will work online, however some face-to-face time is usually needed. Location and job complexity or demand will influence whether Consonant charges for travelling to and/or from the client’s site. Generally clients are expected to meet the costs associated with air fares or travel time beyond two hours, however this may be waived or reduced if Consonant can combine it with other business. Costs will be negotiated with clients on a case-by-case basis.

+ Purchases: Any purchases made on behalf of a client, e.g. domain registration, miscellaneous equipment, etc. will be invoiced, with the receipt supplied, for full reimbursement.